Course Introduction

Course TitleRequired or Elective CourseSemesterCredit HoursTeacher
Master's ThesisRequired Course6Adviser
Doctoral ThesisRequired Course12Adviser
Research EthicsRequired CourseFall Semester and Spring Semester0
SeminarRequired CourseFall Semester and Spring Semester8All Faculty
Introduction Of Chinese MedicineRequired CourseFall Semester2Fang-Pey Chen
Introduction Of Chinese Medicine (In English)Elective CourseFall Semester2Keng-Li Lan
Introduction of Traditional MedicineRequired CourseSpring Semester2All Faculty
Core Course--Introduction of Traditional Medicine (In English)Required CourseFall Semester2All Faculty
for International Student
Core Course--Advanced of Traditional Medicine (In English)Required CourseSpring Semester2All Faculty
for International Student
Acupuncture in Traditional MedicineElective CourseFall Semester and Spring Semester2Yen-Ying Kung
How To Write And Publish A Scientific Paper (1)Elective CourseFall Semester1Tung-Hu Tsai
How To Write And Publish A Scientific Paper (2)Elective CourseSpring Semester1Tung-Hu Tsai
Experimental Methods for Traditional Chinese MedicineElective CourseSpring Semester2Tung-Yi Lin
Molecular Mechanisms of Anti-Cancer Natural ProductsElective CourseSpring Semester1Shu-Ling Fu
Traditional Chinese Medicine (Introduction)Elective CourseSummer Vacation6Chung-Hua Hsu
Special Topic on Protein Degradation - The Mechanisms of Chinese Herbal Medicine on Diseases TherapyElective CourseFall Semester2Tung-Yi Lin
Special Topic on Protein Degradation-The Applications of Chinese Herbal Medicine on Cancer TherapyElective CourseSpring Semester1Tung-Yi Lin
Experimental Cancer TherapyElective CourseFall Semester2Keng-Li Lan
Analysis and Reading Guidance of Herbal Medicine-Based PapersElective CourseSpring Semester2Tung-Yi Lin
Introduction of Traditional Medicine and Regenerative BiologyElective CourseSpring Semester1Jir-You Wang
New Drug Development and Biopharmaceutical IndustryElective CourseSpring Semester2Keng-Li Lan
Pharmacognosy and Traditional Chinese Pharmacology (I)Elective CourseFall Semester3Jih-Jung Chen
Pharmacognosy and Traditional Chinese Pharmacology (II)Elective CourseSpring Semester2Jih-Jung Chen
Introduction Of Traditional Medicine and Stem CellElective CourseFall Semester1Jir-You Wang
Molecular And Pathological Mechanisms of DiseasesElective CourseSpring Semester2Jaw-Ching Wu
Clinical Trial and Translational MedicineElective CourseSpring Semester2Kuang-Sheng Lee
Cell BiologyElective CourseSpring Semester2Tien-Shun Yeh
Cell BiologyElective CourseSpring Semester2Hsin-Chen Lee
Molecular BiologyElective CourseFall Semester2Hsin-Chen Lee
Introduction to Chinese Materia MedicaElective CourseFall Semester1Jih-Jung Chen
Special Topic on Evidence-based Chinese Herbal MedicineElective CourseFall Semester1Tung-Yi Lin
The integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and HomeopathyElective CourseFall Semester1Yen-Ying Kung
New Views on the Integration of Medical TreatmentElective CourseFall Semester2Chung-Hua Hsu
Integration of western and traditional Chinese medicine for common diseasesElective CourseFall Semester1Yen-Ying Kung
Introduction on theory and clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicineElective CourseFall Semester2Yen-Ying Kung
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